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Highly Purified Distilled Monoglycerides Emulsifier with High Stability

Highly Purified Distilled Monoglycerides Emulsifier with High Stability

  • Highly Purified Distilled Monoglycerides Emulsifier with High Stability
Highly Purified Distilled Monoglycerides Emulsifier with High Stability
Product Details:
Place of Origin: GUANGZHOU,CHINA
Brand Name: CARDLO
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 TON
Packaging Details: 25 KG BAGS
Delivery Time: 7-11 WORKDAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000TON/ MONTH
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Emulsifiers Other Names: DMG
Grade: Edible Grade Shelf Life: 2 Years,24 Months
Color: White,Light Yellow Properties: Powder
Character: POWDER

Highly Purified Emulsifier Distilled Monoglycerides with High Stability for Food





Distilled monoglyceride is made with natural vegetable oil and fat, which is the most widely applied food emulsifier. Cardlo’s DM-99 GMS is produced by Germany six-stage distillation equipment. It has higher monostearate content (> 99%), lower impurity content, long-term stable physical-chemical indexes and higher emulsifying properties. Distilled monoglyceride is a generally accepted additive which is widely applied in food, medicine, pharmacy, plastic, packing industry and cosmetics. It has a property of emulsification, dispersibility, stabilization, foaming resistance, staling resistance of starch and so on.



Index Standard (GB15612 - 1995) Test result
Appearance (20) Milky white/ light yellow waxy solid Milky white waxy solid powder
Monoglyceride content / % ≥90% 99.2
Free Acid / % ≦2.5 0.36
Iodine Value (g/100g) ≦4.0 0.24
Freezing Point / 60.0~70.0 67.5
Heavy Metals (Pb / %) ≦0.0005 <0.0005
As / % ≦0.0005 <0.0001




1. Protein beverage

stabilize the fat and protein, prevent elimination and sedimentation

Suggested Dosage: 0.05%-0.1%


2. Ice cream

Avoid forming large ice crystal, improve mouth feels and provide creamy texture, improve stabilization

Suggested Dosage: 0.1%-0.2%


3. Breads

Improve crumb softness, provides a fine and uniform crumb structure, reduces staling rate

Suggested Dosage: 0.3%-0.8% of flour


4. Cakes

Enlarge volume, improve texture ,prolong the shelf life

Suggested Dosage:


5. Biscuit

Improve process properties, prevent oil separating out and make the dough easy to off-module

Suggested Dosage: 3%-10% of oil


6. Margarine

Adjust the oil crystal, imparts fine and stable water dispersion

Suggested Dosage: Subject to different purpose


7. Shortening

Adjust the oil crystal, improve its function properties

Suggested Dosage:


8. Coffee-whitener

Give a more uniform fat globule size distribution resulting in improved whitening effect

Suggested Dosage: Subject to different purpose


9. Caramels ,toffees and chocolate

Reduce stickiness and sugar crystallization, thus improve the eating quality

Suggested Dosage: Subject to different purpose


10. Chewing gum

Improve mastication and texture, soften gum base and facilitate mixture, especially for SBR and PVA

Suggested Dosage: 0.3%-0.5% of base


Packing & Shipping

Packaging Details : 25kg per bag,,
16 Tons by 20F Container,,
26 Tons by 40F Container,,

Lead Time : large stocks for fast shipment , within 7 days after comfirm.
Port : Huangpu, Guangzhou



Contact Details
Guangzhou CARDLO Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Contact Person: Manager

Tel: +8613964234202

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